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Ruroni Kenshin

Ne?! We actually give out awards?! You bet we do! MWAHAHAHA! ^_^ You could either sent us your links at or you couldjust wait forever until I google your page and randomly give it to you since you deserve it ^_^;;

Your site hafta be funny!

O.o Requierment for this Award:
-Have to have a website O.o Why am I even have to say this?
-It have to be funny(XD It really hafta get me or Star to laugh)
-It cannot be Hentai
Page that have won this

XD I wuv that pic!

-It hafta fanfic(you could have a website or not, me don't care)
-It have to be dark(or angsty)

Read downward O.o Its fun

-Have to have a pretty layout
-I don't care if its Sitebuilder or HTML :P Its just have to be nice
Past winner-
Kitsune no Senkai desu-January-

^-^ I think I actually did this very well

-Need to be a site about a bishonen
-Preferably Kurama ^^;;
Past Winner
Forever Blue-December-
Koori no Bara-January-


-This one is pretty hard to get
-Need to have a website(-.-;; Star told me to put this in so don't sue me)
-Need to be about anime
-Need to be pretty darn good
-Webmaster/mitress must be nice(EX:Don't bash Sitebuilder site like us)
-Need to have pretty good contents/ pictures
-Fanfic and fanarts of course!
-^_^ Music!


-Need to have a cute site
-^_^ Cute layout, cute picture gallery. You know
-New sites should really try out for this award O.o

^_^ Fanfics are awesome

-Need to have fanfics(duh!)
-^_^ The fanfics must be pretty good
-No fanfic with stuff like"u r awesom" O.o Come on people, a few more letters won't kill you, you know.

Odn :) Newbie site award!

-Need to have a site x_X
-It have to be new :)

Affi(Sister Sites)(^_^)

^_^ My first affie! Thankie thankie!

-.- *bow down before the awesomeness of Kurama*

^_^ Biggie and oldie(but still goodie)site

^_^ Yay! We got another affie! WOO!

Such a cool button ^_^

^_^ Its Kurama! Yey!